Vega Discover Terminology

The switch from the old CALS catalog (BiblioCommons) to the new one (Vega Discover) has brought about a bit of confusion. At the core, both catalogs offer the same basic functions, but there are some things Discover does that BiblioCommons doesn’t, and some things BiblioCommons does that Discover doesn’t, or at least doesn’t yet because it is still being actively developed. It can be confusing because some of the common functions have different names. But just like every time you log into one of the social media platforms and find that something has changed, we think you will adjust in no time. A week from now you will find yourself thinking “biblio-who?” To help with this transition, here is a terminology list comparing the two catalogs.

The place where you store books that you would like to read in the future.
On BiblioCommons:
This was called “For Later” and was found under “My collections.”

On Discover:
These are called “Bookmarks” and can be found right at the bottom of any screen.

The place where you can see what you have checked out.
On BiblioCommons:
This was called “checked out” and found under “My Borrowing”

On Discover:
These are called “Checkouts” and found on “My Bookshelf” also conveniently located at the bottom of the screen.

The main hub of your account.
The main account was through a “dashboard”

On Discover:
Everything is right on “My Bookshelf”

A place to put book suggestions that you can share with others.
On BiblioCommons:
This was called “My Lists” and could be found under “My Collections”

On Discover:
Lists can be found under the “Bookmarks” tab at the bottom of the screen. Once an item item is added to your “For later” it can be moved to existing lists or to a new list. Lists can also be reached from the “flag/bookmark” icon at the top of the screen just to the left of your name.

The place where you can revisit previous searches.
On BiblioCommon:
Saved searched were stored under in a link under the search bar as “Saved Searches” or in your dashboard under the subheading “account preferences.”

On Discover:
You can find saved searches on your Bookshelf, found at the bottom of any screen, as “Saved Searches.”

If you haven’t noticed, with Vega Discover, if you find yourself lost or confused at any point, just pull up the menu from the bottom of the screen. Most likely whatever you’re looking for is right there. For more information, check out our FAQ (that is updated often) or take the self-guided tour.