Month: August 2022

Backpack Bonanza!

Twenty-five masked and eager faces waited in the library and learning center of Daisy Bates Elementary School on Wednesday, July 27, as CALS employee, Courtney Jones, explained which backpacks were for which grades. This group of students comes from the 385 students who attend Bates Elementary and are part of the Little Scholars after-school program.

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9th Annual Banned Books Writing Contest

Construct a short narrative that illustrates true, supportive friendship, where one character is daring to achieve something despite a very large obstacle. The story should feature or mention at least three characters. Please do not indicate or specify how the story illustrates friendship, it should be evident. This should be one episode of what could possibly be a larger story.

Entries will be judged on flow, originality, and strength of character/character voice. Humor is appreciated.

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Crazy Free Books

50 free copies of Melissa and 50 free copies of Charlotte’s Web will be available. You can request one title or both. If interested, send an email with Crazy Free Books in the subject line. Include your name and your shipping address. These are on a first come,

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Hoopla Has Bonus Borrows for August!

If you’ve had a CALS card for any length of time, you probably know that we offer audio and digital books through the Libby app. But even the most experienced CALSian might not know about Hoopla. Hoopla is an app that offers a variety of digital media; at CALS, we use it to offer TV shows,

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What are you reading, Arianna Dobson?

Tell us about yourself 
Hello, My name is Arianna Dobson and I am 16 years old. I am the youngest sibling out of my sister and brother. I attend Estem High School. I love photography, reading, cooking, drawing, and film. I also love reading books that have been turned into movies.

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