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Vega Discover Terminology

The switch from the old CALS catalog (BiblioCommons) to the new one (Vega Discover) has brought about a bit of confusion. At the core, both catalogs offer the same basic functions, but there are some things Discover does that BiblioCommons doesn’t, and some things BiblioCommons does that Discover doesn’t, or at least doesn’t yet because it is still being actively developed.

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Q&A with the CALS executive team

Nate Coulter, Executive Director
In November, the millage increase was passed; how are you using that extra money? 

We were so pleased that the citizens of Little Rock entrusted CALS with approximately 2.4M annually of much-needed additional funds. This was our first rate increase since 2007. We promised that the funds would be used to help pay our staff a living wage,

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