Month: January 2020

What Are You Reading? Crystal C. Mercer

I am Crystal C. Mercer, just a little girl from Little Rock, Arkansas. All-around Afro-Creative, Textile/Fiber Artist, Actor, Activist, Poet, Author (A Love Story Waiting To Happen), Founder and Creative Director of Columbus Creative Arts + Activism, and Lead Designer and Merchant of Mercer Textile Mercantile. I fuse arts and activism by using theatre,

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Arkansas Arts Center Partners with CALS

AAC Art Displays, Creative Classes Now in CALS Libraries

Stunning new works of art have sprouted up all over the library system, thanks to our new partnership with the Arkansas Arts Center. In addition to loaning artworks, the AAC is sending its expert teachers to several library locations to provide art instruction for students of all ages,

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Chef and Doctor Make a Cooking Lesson Dream Team

“I started going to culinary school because I had too many patients.”

Dr. Meenakshi Budrahja is passionate about food.

As a gastroenterologist, she has seen firsthand the effects of poor nutrition on people’s health. Frustrated by the serious illnesses created by high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar diets full of processed food, she realized that people needed help long before their poor health landed them in her office.

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What Are You Reading? Dr. Gaurav Kumar

I am a Professor of Accounting at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I am originally from India and have lived in Little Rock since 2006. So, I am an Arkansan by heart by now. The only thing missing is accent, because Little Rock is home.

What are you reading at the moment?

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Saving Our Community Memories

Arkansas River Flood of 2019

For some people, the Arkansas River Flood of 2019 brought immediate destruction: waterlogged homes, submerged vehicles, ruined farm crops. Even for those who suffered no losses, the flood was a shocking daily reminder of the unstoppable power of nature as waters crested in Little Rock at over 29 feet,

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Staff Picks: Patrice O’Donoghue

Patrice has been a nonfiction catalog librarian at CALS for 15 years. The best part of her job is looking at all the new books. “Outside of work, I’m a maker and all-around DIYer,” said Patrice. Her passions are knitting, beekeeping, and gardening. She usually has an audiobook going so she can keep up with her book club at the same time.

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Have You Tried a Reading Challenge?

Why not start your 2020 with a reading challenge? The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge lists 24 categories to help get you out of your reading comfort zone. Some of the categories are easier than others, so our very own Ellen Bard has some suggestions for you.

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Staff Picks: Anna Lancaster

Anna is the Audio Video Archival Assistant at the Robert’s Library. She’s been with CALS for 13 years. She wicked sea shanties and watch a lot of cartoons. She has 2 recommendations:

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