Notary Public Services

CALS provides free notary service for library users, and most branches and the Main Library have at least one notary on staff. While we strive to provide notary service at all times, we do not guarantee notary availability. Please call the branch you wish to visit to confirm a notary will be available when you arrive.

CALS notaries notarize signatures on forms, oaths, acknowledgements, and affidavits, and similar documents. The person requesting notary service must provide valid picture identification. Persons requesting notary service should provide their own witnesses, where necessary. CALS notaries do not verify or sign I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification forms.

CALS staff, in aggregate, will notarize a maximum of five documents per patron per day. A CALS staff notary may decline to provide notary service if the transaction will take too long or be too complicated. If the patron is agreeable, the notary may set an appointment for a more convenient time.

While the State of Arkansas does not require that notaries keep a journal, it is CALS policy that our notaries do so. If someone has already signed a document before visiting a notary, the notary may permit them to, in order of preference; obtain a second blank copy; sign above their signature in a different color ink; or sign in the notary’s journal.

If a patron does not appear to understand their document, does not appear to be signing of their own free will, lacks the ability to sign their name in a way the notary understands, or can’t communicate directly with the notary in a common language, library notaries may decline to notarize their document.

If someone needs to sign with a mark, or is physically unable to sign, notaries may a disinterested witness sign, then add ‘Mark affixed by _____ (person who signs the name) in the presence of _____ (person whose name is signed).’ The principal signer should direct a third party to sign in the presence of two disinterested witnesses – five people, including the notary, are required for this type of transaction.

Please call 501-918-3000 for more information.