Month: July 2020

Grab-and-Go Creative Activities for Your Family

Our libraries are offering all kinds of cool activities that you and your kids can get by just picking up a bag at a branch library. You can use our curbside service and ask for one, or pick one up at the door!

Aaron Campbell of the CALS Thompson Library has assembled several activities based around folk wishing culture,

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What Are You Reading? Sean Dunbar

I am Sean Dunbar. I am a husband to Marcia, a father to Lance and Katlyn and the Director of Children’s Ministry at St. James UMC in west Little Rock.

If you can’t find me at church, or with my family, I can usually be found at the soccer fields, where I coach kids for Arkansas Rising,

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We’re All in This Together

We’re all feeling the strain of the pandemic, and it’s more important now than ever to be present for each other. A friendly word or sign of caring may make a difference for someone who is struggling financially, mentally, or emotionally.

Laura Hodo of the CALS McMath Library told us a story recently about an encounter with one of our library visitors.

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CALS Helps Communities Complete the Census

Raising Arkansas Beyond Our 57% Response Rate on the 2020 U.S. Census

If you see cheerful staff members in CALS masks walking around outdoors, using iPads to interview people, that’s the sight of your library system hard at work on the U.S. Census.

The 2020 U.S. Census contains only seven questions and usually takes about five minutes to complete.

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Spring 2020 CALS Poetry Anthology Published

Every April, writers and creatives across the map celebrate National Poetry Month. For thirty days, we honor the great poets of our past by spotlighting new and promising works and encouraging everyone (and anyone) to connect with their inner poet. This year, the CALS Writing Circle hosted a month-long challenge. For every day in the month of April,

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CALS Writing Circle Hosts Virtual Release Party

Central Arkansas Library System’s Writing Circle is pleased to celebrate the poets of Central Arkansas with the release of its first poetry collection.

You are invited to a free, live, virtual reading from the anthology at 2:30 pm on Saturday, July 18.

The CALS Writing Circle Spring 2020 Poetry Anthology began as a glimmer in the eye of circle leader Deb Moore when National Poetry Month rolled around in April.

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New Community Liaisons Bring Outreach Efforts Beyond Library Walls

In early 2019, CALS adopted a strategic plan to identify needs in our community and work to meet those needs. A pillar of that strategic plan is a new initiative to increase outreach to the Black and LatinX communities, as well as to extend all community outreach in settings outside library buildings. With these focused outreach efforts,

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“Little Kids in the Kitchen” Goes Virtual with Fun Recipes, Stories

Kids getting bored during the summer? No worries–we have kids’ programming online, so kids can learn how to make pizza toast while they hear a great story about a dragon pizzeria!

Tui O’Baugh taught second grade for ten years before joining CALS to teach programs at our children’s library. Her know-how, enthusiasm, and warmth have been inspiring kids for two years as she teaches the cooking and storybook class called “Little Kids in the Kitchen.” This hands-on learning experience teaches kids in a dynamic way how they can turn ingredients into delicious foods.

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