Month: June 2019

A New Name for the Arkansas Literary Festival Heralds a New Vision for Outreach

Little Rock is known for its many striking bridges, which make elegant silhouettes across the Arkansas River and provide pleasure to so many people who walk and bike the river trail. Our bridges light the night with color for all who enter and leave the city—a beautiful symbol of progress and hope.

Bridges take us across barriers that seem impassable.

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Southern Gothic Style Pool Reads

It’s warm and sunny by the pool today, but soon the sun will go down and the shadows will creep in. Recommended by the staff at Fletcher Library, these books, with their disturbing characters, decayed settings, grotesque situations, and sinister events, will put a dark chill in the air.

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Chewing the Fat Summer Edition, Part I

Chewing the Fat with Rex & Paul features Rex Nelson, Senior Editor at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and writer of the food blog, Southern Fried, and Paul Austin, former Executive Director of the Arkansas Humanities Council. Rex and Paul get together regularly to talk about Arkansas food,

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Out-of-this-world Pool Reads

Summer is here and many of us find ourselves relaxing next to a body of water and in need of a good book to pass the time.  Whether you’re dipping your toes in a backyard kiddie pool, lounging beside the local swimming hole, or basking in the sun on an ocean’s beach, these books recommended by the friendly neighborhood librarians at Fletcher Library may be the perfect accompaniment to a lovely summer day.

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CALS Can Help Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

We’re continuing to assist you in starting or growing your own business. There are programs across all library branches to teach skills needed to start and run a business and to showcase your product or service in today’s digital market. There’s also the Williams Library Business and Technology Center, a studio full of resources and equipment for entrepreneurs to use for free.

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Help Us Preserve Arkansas River Flood History

Have you taken photographs or video footage of the Arkansas River flood? We would love to have your help preserving and remembering this historic event. CALS is collecting photos and video of the 2019 Arkansas River flood to document the impact on our region. Submissions will be preserved as part of the archival collection at CALS.

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CALS Blasts into Space with NASA, Astronomy, and a Visionary Sci-Fi Artist

Whether you’re a seasoned astronomy buff or a kid just discovering the allure of outer space, this summer at CALS will bring a universe of fun events centered on space and space flight. Many programs across our 15-branch system will focus on the CALS Summer Reading theme, “A Universe of Stories.”

Thanks to a grant from the NASA Space Grant Consortium,

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