Art piece to be temporarily removed from Children’s Library

Alice Guffey Miller Imagine Peace 2015 Mixed media: oak tree and steel
Damage from the elements have altered this piece of art.


In 2014, the Central Arkansas Library System and Horn Foundation commissioned a sculpture from the renowned artist Alice Guffey Miller to go on the grounds of the CALS Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library & Learning Center. Miller engaged a group of friends and artists to help her create the Imagine Peace sculpture using an oak tree as the base and reclaimed metal to create a bird and flower petals.
She collaborated with teachers and students at the now closed LRSD Franklin Elementary School to incorporate samples of student haiku into the sculpture’s design.
Unfortunately, the oak tree part of the sculpture is deteriorating rapidly and needs to be removed before the remaining flower and bird aspect of the sculpture is damaged or the artwork becomes a danger to the public.
The sculpture will be disassembled and stored while a new base is created. Then, Imagine Peace will be reconstructed and returned to the grounds of the Children’s Library.
Thank you to everyone who helped create this wonderful sculpture, and stay tuned to see its return to the Children’s Library!

Colin Thompson
Art Administrator
Roberts Library of Arkansas History & Art/CALS