Month: June 2023

Art around CALS

With the closing of the Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square, there have been questions about the importance of art to the library system. CALS Art Administrator Colin Thompson assures us that despite a few building changes, the presence of art within the system will remain now, during, and after the Main renovation.

CALS believes that the arts preserve and transmit our heritage,

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5 ways to enjoy Summer at CALS

It’s summer in Central Arkansas and you know what that means – warm (ok, let’s be real, HOT) temps and kids with extra energy to burn off. CALS has five ways to help beat the summer boredom. There are of course the obvious things you can do at the library like check out books and read in a corner until you go home and read some more (was that only me as a kid?) but CALS has so many other ways to have fun all summer long,

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