Month: June 2024

Update on Audiobooks

At CALS we have long prided ourselves on adjusting to the needs of many while being good stewards of the money that we manage. We have made efforts to offer non-traditional items through our “Library of Things” program where patrons can check out everything from toys and telescopes to tools and fishing poles.

While we have added more physical items that are atypical in nature,

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Top 10 Things to Do in July

It is getting hot, hot, HOT outside but CALS has all the ways to keep you cool (both in spirit and in temperature). Jump into the activities around Summer @ CALS at any of our branches, or check out the variety of programs (free and ticketed) at the state-of-the-art Ron Robinson Theater. Meet some authors and check out all the fun with food available this month.

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One Page Teen Writing Contest

Ditch the summer stagnation and dig out the pen and paper (or computer, it’s up to you). Sometimes the greatest adventures take place on just one page. Submit your one-page story for a chance to win! Additionally, participants’ work will be added to an anthology published as a free eBook on Amazon. Submissions are open from 6/3-6/28 &

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Pitches and Dreams at the Rock It Lab

On Thursday, May 30, the air was electric in the historic Cox Building, the home of the Rock It! Lab; not just from the lively tunes being played by DJ Swift 720, nor the food from Afrobites (although it was delicious), but from the excitement of listening to five soon-to-graduate individuals taking part in the pitch competition.

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