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Biblio is Back!

What is BiblioCommons? 

BiblioCommons is the catalog that we previously used (from October 2015– September 2022), before switching to Vega Discover. We made the switch to Vega because of the opportunities for customization and integration. Unfortunately, this suite of programs is still in beta testing and after launching,

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Resolutions made easy with CALS

The new year typically means resolutions; the top five changes that you usually find on any list will include: getting healthy, learning a new skill, get organized, focus on financial goals, quit a bad habit, and our personal favorite – read more. CALS can help with all of these and more.

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Vega Discover Terminology

The switch from the old CALS catalog (BiblioCommons) to the new one (Vega Discover) has brought about a bit of confusion. At the core, both catalogs offer the same basic functions, but there are some things Discover does that BiblioCommons doesn’t, and some things BiblioCommons does that Discover doesn’t, or at least doesn’t yet because it is still being actively developed.

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Vega Discover: Self-guided tour of the new online catalog

The iOs/Android apps are not yet available. We apologize for the delay. Please check back here for updates.

CALS has a new catalog. If you haven’t tried it, this will help you make the transition from our old catalog to the new. The new catalog becomes the only catalog on September 1,

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