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What are you reading, Keya Marr?

My name is Keya Marr, and I recently turned 17 🙂. I’m the only child at home right now which is amazing, I’m a junior in high school and plan to go to medical school to become an OB/GYN. I was an intern at CALS working at the Nixon branch this summer.

What are you reading (now,

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What are you reading, Sylvia Blain?

My name is Sylvia Blain – I am 53 years old and live in Central Arkansas with my long-time partner, Shannon Sanders, and our pup, Tucker. I am the mother of two grown sons living in the Bay Area. I am the executive director at Potluck Food Rescue, a role that brings me a lot of satisfaction and growth.

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What are you reading, Arianna Dobson?

Tell us about yourself 
Hello, My name is Arianna Dobson and I am 16 years old. I am the youngest sibling out of my sister and brother. I attend Estem High School. I love photography, reading, cooking, drawing, and film. I also love reading books that have been turned into movies.

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What are you reading, Ryan Davis?

Ryan Davis is one of the newest CALS Board Members. We managed to catch him between working as the Director of Children’s International at UALR and a CALS board meeting.

Why did you join the CALS board? 
I joined because I asked and because I believe that libraries like schools are an important and vital part of the things we as citizens own in common.

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What are you reading, Esperanza Massana-Crane?

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born and raised in El Salvador in the 1980’s. I absolutely loved my childhood and growing up in El Salvador. Growing up was a lot like the world of Encanto in a way. We lived very close to the beach,

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What are you reading, Nancy Rousseau?

Books are magic! From the time I was a very little girl, I loved to read. I read the classics; I read comics; I read the newspaper; I read magazines. So, guess what? I majored in English in college, minored in education, and became an English teacher! For 18 years, prior to my becoming an administrator,

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What are you reading, Bryan Day?

Bryan Day has been involved with state and local government for over thirty years; the positions he has held have allowed him to focus on building and strengthening communities.

Bryan was appointed Executive Director of the Little Rock Port Authority in June 2014.  The Little Rock Port Authority’s mission is to “drive economic development by providing a world-class transportation hub that connects Arkansas to the global economy.”  

Prior to assuming this position,

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