What are you reading, Nancy Rousseau?

Books are magic! From the time I was a very little girl, I loved to read. I read the classics; I read comics; I read the newspaper; I read magazines. So, guess what? I majored in English in college, minored in education, and became an English teacher! For 18 years, prior to my becoming an administrator, I taught high school English grades 9-12: grade level, honors and AP. I’ve loved every minute of teaching because I love literature, but I love children more! I remain a voracious reader and love books, libraries, bookstores; I’m so glad to be a part of the CALS Board of Directors so that I can help lifelong learners.

What are you reading (now, just finished, lined up to start soon)? If you’ve finished it, what’s your favorite part (no spoilers!)? I love Kristin Hannah’s books. I just finished reading The Four Winds. I also loved The Nightingale and The Great Alone. I prefer reading fiction because I have to read so much non-fiction for my job.

What is your favorite memory of reading as a child? My favorite memory of reading as a child was sitting curled up in the cozy window seat in our den. I did this for years! Also, I had a flashlight hidden in my night table that I would use to read after I was “supposed” to be going to sleep!

Nancy Rousseau is president of the CALS Board of Directors and principal of Little Rock Central High School.