What are you reading, Ryan Davis?

Ryan Davis is one of the newest CALS Board Members. We managed to catch him between working as the Director of Children’s International at UALR and a CALS board meeting.

Ryan Davis stands wearing a grey sweater holding a book

Why did you join the CALS board? 
I joined because I asked and because I believe that libraries like schools are an important and vital part of the things we as citizens own in common. Libraries produced Alice Walker, and James Baldwin, and Carl Sandburg, and Gwendolyn Brooks.

What are you reading (now, just finished, lined up to start soon), if you’ve finished it, what’s your favorite part (no spoilers!)
NOW – The Famished Road by Ben Okri (Winner of the Booker Prize)
JUST FINISHED – Against the Hounds of Hell a Life of Howard Thurman by Peter Eisenstadt
LINED UP – In the House of the Interpreter: A Memoir by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

What is your favorite memory of reading as a child?
I’ve always been an insatiable reader. My favorite memories are of sitting in a library undisturbed for hours reading.

Do you have any random literary-related story that you love to tell?
I read Mildred Taylor’s “Logan Family Series” annually (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Let The Circle Be Unbroken, etc). I worked briefly for Third World Press (founded by LR native, poet essayist, teacher Haki Madhubuti) in Chicago and was tasked, for a weekend, with sitting at TWP’s booth at Book Expo America, a major industry event. I found out Mildred Taylor would be there speaking at a Juv Lit pavilion . . . long story short I brought THE WRONG books for her to sign!!

Where is your favorite place (or time) to read?
Anywhere and anytime I can be by myself and unbothered. If I’m wearing earbuds and reading it’s likely I’m not listening to anything! LOL