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Top 10 Things to Do in May

May is often referred to as the bridge between spring and summer, and at CALS, we’re taking advantage of that and heading outside. Whether you take advantage of the water view at Maumelle Library or watch the birds (and squirrels) at Fletcher Library, there’s beauty around our branches. Grab a book or an item from our “Library of Things,” and enjoy the outside of our libraries before the summer heat is in full swing.

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Top 10 Things to Do in January

Not only is it a new month, it’s a whole new year. There’s a lot of pressure to recreate yourself and become a “new you,” but what if you don’t become new, what if you just become a slightly better version of the you that you already are? Here are just a few things you can do this month with CALS that can set you on a new path in 2024 (or at the very least,

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Top 10 Things to Do in December

Yes, it’s December already, which means it’s time to start practicing writing “2024” over a hastily scribbled-out “2023.” In the meantime, CALS has enough events and new media to keep you entertained right up until the new year. (But seriously, where did this year go?)

  1. Shawn Camp Live
    • Celebrated singer,

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Top 10 Things to Do in November

  1. Wes Fest (Nov. 17 & 18)
    • Brought to CALS by the Six Bridges Book Festival, it’s your opportunity to catch five different Wes Anderson films on the big screen at Ron Robinson Theater. You can also hear from local author, Kristi McKim about her new book, Rushmore,

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Magazines on Libby

By now, you’re probably familiar with using Libby for reading eBooks and downloading audio books, but have you explored the magazine offerings? They’ve made it even easier to access your favorites. Browse from nearly 5,000 titles (including multiple month’s worth of copies), including The New Yorker, Us Weekly, Vogue,

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CALS is seeking businesses to be partners for “Bookworm Bargains” program

September is Library Card Sign-up Month. And at CALS, we have long proclaimed the library card to be the most valuable card in your wallet. We’re looking for local businesses who can help us make this card even more valuable, (even if just for a month). We invite you to support public libraries and their vital community role by participating in the “Bookworm Bargains” program.

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CALS Takes Chicago

The American Library Association Annual Convention took place in Chicago June 22-27. Eleven CALS staff members were able to attend this year, from a variety of departments across the system including communications, human resources, branch management, youth services, and community resources.

The conference brought in 15,000 library workers and students for this multi-day convention.

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5 ways to enjoy Summer at CALS

It’s summer in Central Arkansas and you know what that means – warm (ok, let’s be real, HOT) temps and kids with extra energy to burn off. CALS has five ways to help beat the summer boredom. There are of course the obvious things you can do at the library like check out books and read in a corner until you go home and read some more (was that only me as a kid?) but CALS has so many other ways to have fun all summer long,

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