Resolutions made easy with CALS

The new year typically means resolutions. The top five changes that you usually find on any list will include: get healthy, learn a new skill, get organized, focus on financial goals, quit a bad habit, and our personal favorite – read more. CALS can help with all of these and more.

Get Healthy

If you’re looking to get healthier, whether that means dropping a few pounds or just being more active, CALS is the place (places) to be. Join in on the fun of Aikido with Brant at Main on Saturdays – Aikido is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes the use of techniques to redirect and neutralize an attacker’s energy rather than opposing it directly. Or join in the Candlelight Flow Yoga at Hillcrest Hall on Friday evenings. Hop into a Tai Chi class at Main on Saturday mornings. These free classes are a great way to get out and start moving.

Learn something new

Between the variety of crafts and classes taught and the full catalog of items to check out, just on the surface, CALS has so much to offer. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s more! Learn a new language with Mango Languages or watch one of the 16,000 video courses on LinkedIn Learning. If this year you want to master all things digital and technology, sign up for any of the digital literacy classes plus know that there’s an option for one-on-one learning if what you want to learn isn’t offered as a class. Want to broaden your knowledge with a series? Watch the Master Class lessons available on Hoopla. There’s an amazing assortment of things that you can learn (for free!) with CALS. The hardest part will be picking which thing you’d like to learn first.

Get Organized

While there are tons of titles available to help you get organized, Marie Kondo’s books are a great place to start.

Save Money

Often when people try to save money, the first thing that gets cut is the entertainment budget. Since almost everything at CALS is free, we can fill that void. There’s something going on at each branch almost every day. Search through events for kids, teens, and adults. The Ron Robinson Theater has many low-cost programs and film screenings throughout the year. And the gallery spaces in Roberts Library offer a glimpse at a variety of art exhibitions.

Read More

CALS has 14 library locations where you can pick up physical copies of books to check out. Not finding what you want at your home branch? That’s ok, you can place a hold on an item from any location and have it sent to the branch where you’d like to pick it up; you’ll get a notice when it has arrived. If you’re someone who prefers digital to paper, grab any of the latest new releases on Libby.

No matter what you are looking to manifest in 2023, CALS can help you do it. Here’s hoping you can learn a new skill, make friends along the way, and have a happy and healthy new year.