New from CALS – Off The Shelf

The new year is a natural break and perfect for a fresh start. The holidays capping the end of the year past, the proverbial weekend party. Come January it’s all blank calendars, fresh starts, and lofty goals as people try to decide what the new year will hold for them. Even internally at CALS, there have been a flurry of emails looking ahead to the potential for 2023: subcommittees to create the best Earth Month ever (April), a calendar in the works for Black History Month events (February), and even discussions about Six Bridges Book Festival in the fall.

CALS continues to work toward our mission of being the Library Rewritten, and with that brings change and evolution. You might remember a time pre-pandemic when event calendars were available in a printed format. Once branches shut down, those documents were offered digitally. And at the end of last year, we questioned if that was really the best solution. After much discussion, it was decided that a physical, printed item was needed but maybe not quite the one that had served us well almost three years ago.

Off the Shelf will feature new releases in both physical and digital media, exhibitions, and highlight larger system- wide programs. We hope this publication serves our patrons by providing current news about our collection– the foundation of all great libraries. A full schedule of events can still be found at

As we set our sights on 2023, we see a year of inspiration and renewed vision, particularly with the renovation of Main on the horizon. Our New Year’s resolution is to never falter to evolve in order to give our patrons the high-quality CALS experience that they know and love. Here’s wishing you a reading list that grows shorter as the days grow longer.

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