Rock Paper Run 5K Virtual Tour

Resident Writing Circle Programmer Deb Moore pulled together this historical and informational take on the 5K route from the NLR Laman Library to Main Library. You wont even have to break a sweat on this virtual 5K.

Maybe you’ve read a story like this before—a story whose characters are on an adventure from here to there: to destroy a ring, or rescue a dragon, or drive a cattle herd to Montana. This is a story like that. This is the story of a journey between two libraries to help them join together and celebrate Library Card Sign-up Month. A story of two libraries in two separate towns with a WHOLE RIVER in between. You can help us connect our two library systems!

The race began at Laman Library

Laman Library is the only library in Pulaski County where you can apply for a passport—photo and all. Stop here and take your picture with the library sign. Read about the Laman Library namesake, William Laman here.

North Little Rock High School

You’ve heard of the Little Rock Nine, but do you know about the North Little Rock Six? Read about it here.

Railroad, Baring Cross, & Jenks Shop/Yard

The Baring Cross Bridge—the first bridge built across the Arkansas River—opened in 1873 and is still an important part of the Union Pacific Railroad system. Download a fun UP coloring book here.

Fischer’s Honey

In 1935, Raymond Fischer kept bees as a hobby and extracted honey in the family kitchen. He sold his honey at Watson’s grocery store, where he was the butcher.

Argenta Drug Company

Same as it ever was, for 136 years. A key landmark of the Argenta Historic District.

Dickey-Stephens Park

The ballpark is named after two sets of Arkansas brothers from two families. Only one of these men played catcher for the Little Rock Travelers and the Yankees. Do you know the name of this Hall-of-Famer?

Read about him here.

Broadway Bridge

Includes two 450-foot spans forming basket-handle arches over the bridge. Each arch weighs about 2,000 tons. Can you guess which of these would weigh as much as one Broadway Bridge arch?

Two cargo ships

Thirteen adult blue whales

Two Sierra redwoods

Six Boeing 747 jets

Two NFL football fields

Oxygen produced by 100 trees

Find the answer here.

Read more about the bridge here.

Arkansas River

Flows east from snowpack in the Sawatch and Mosquito mountain ranges, into Kansas and through Oklahoma and Arkansas, where it meets the Mississippi River. Read about it here.

Historic Arkansas Museum

What is now the Historic Arkansas Museum (HAM—pronounced like the lunchmeat) opened in 1941 as the first state-supported history museum in Arkansas, under the name Arkansas Territorial Capitol Restoration. Originally consisting of a half-block of historic downtown houses, the museum site has expanded to the equivalent of two city blocks and now features a wide array of programs, too. Read about it here.

The race ended at the Central Arkansas Library Main Branch

It’s cool-down time! Don’t forget to grab one of our 3D printed race medals. Read about CALS and Main here (and catch our frequently updated blog post about the renovations here).