Where to find things that were at Main

With Main Library closing for renovations and many of the services moving to “Mini Main” at Roberts Library, there have been questions about what moved over, what moved somewhere else and what is just going to be gone for the next 18 months. We rounded up all the information and have it here. If you see something missing, let us know.

Currently available at Mini Main (same hours that Main kept):

  • Printing/faxing/scanning are available at Mini Main.
  • A computer lab in ASI 124 will replicate the functionality of the 2nd floor Sturgis Lab on a slightly smaller scale.
  • Book drop is near the book lockers at the southwest corner of the building.
  • We have 14-day and new release adult books, plus a curated selection of new, popular, and favorite DVDs for adults.
  • We have a curated selection of newspapers and magazines, a ready-reference shelf, new books for kids, talking books, and new and selected young adult books.
  • We have a tablet station for youth and their families to checkout and use while visiting the library. There are also computers, printing, and limited video gaming.
  • InQlusive Reading Box– a free “subscription” box program for teens 12-19. These boxes will be placed on the hold shelves at Mini Main.
  • Additional things available at Mini Main (check out for 14 days)
    • Fishing Poles
    • DVDs
    • Sound Books
    • Weekend Bags (check out for 7 days)

Not at Mini Main:

  • Most of our 28-day juvenile and adult books (most of these are available at branches and may be placed on hold, many more are available through Mobius or interlibrary loan)
  • Audiobooks (Can be found at Rooker)
  • Large Print Books (Can be found at Rooker)
  • Music CDs (Can be found at Rooker)
  • Main Seed library (Visit the original Seed Library at McMath)
  • Microfilm (Roberts has some of it—if they don’t have what you’re looking for, the Arkansas State Library or an academic library might)
  • Study carrels/study rooms (All branch locations have them, but Dee Brown, Fletcher and McMath are relatively nearby and have a relatively large number of them), we recommend calling ahead to verify availability)
  • Larger meeting rooms (Try Ron Robinson, Rock It Lab, or a branch)
  • The used-book sale (Currently shelving is being moved to 7773 Sloane Dr. where CALS Administration and other departments have offices during the renovation)

Anyone seeking help from the Community Resource Team can find the members here:

  • Rebecca has moved to Fletcher
  • Chloe on Monday, Tuesday and Friday: Fletcher, Wednesday & Thursday: Children’s
  • Mekkos- Mon, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: ”Mini Main”, Thursday- Dee Brown and Nixon alternating weeks (call him to find his location)