Staff Picks: Jasmine Jobe

Jasmine Jobe is the Editorial Assistant for the Encyclopedia of Arkansas. She’s been with CALS for 10 years. Fun facts: her favorite colors are rainbow and sunshine and her favorite meals are coffee and dessert. One of her favorite books is The Geek’s Guide to The Writing Life by Stephanie Vanderslice.

Jasmine’s review: WRITERS! Do you have parents who are less than supportive? No problem. Stephanie’s your mom now. And she believes in you, she sees your value, she reminds you why you started. In these kind, honest, helpful pages, Stephanie explains everything from why the mean kids should be ignored to what it’s like to live the writing life–including the best detailed explanation of the publishing process I’ve read yet. If you’re a writer and you need a hug, this is your book. 5 out of 5, will read again.

In addition to Vaderslice’s book, Jasmine is a fan of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. In fact, she’s leading a 13-week course (Jan. 4-Mar. 28) that will guide writers through the book. The course is free, but registration is required because space is limited. Find out more about the class here.