Mobile Printing at CALS

Need to print a resume? The article you need for a report? That recipe you found online? Use our mobile printing service to print from your phone, tablet, laptop, Chromebook, even your home computer and pick up the printed document at your favorite CALS branch. All you need is an email address and a document to print.

Once you send your document to a CALS location it will be ready to print when you show up at the branch, or you can also use this service while you are in one of our branches to print from your own laptop or mobile device. When you arrive at the branch just tell our friendly staff you have a document to print and give them your email address so they can locate your document (at Mini Main, the Print Release Station is in the computer lab). Staff will tell you the total cost to print your document, take your cash or credit payment, and send the document to the printer for you to pick up.

Printing costs

Black/White $0.10 per page
Color $0.50 per page
The first 10 pages are complimentary