Poll Champs 2020

Democracy can’t survive without you.

This is no exaggeration. Pulaski County faces a serious shortage of poll workers to run the general election on November 3, 2020. The Pulaski County Election Commission recently put out a call for poll workers, and CALS is helping spread the word in a nonpartisan, publicly funded effort to support our elections.

Our county’s usual poll workers can’t afford the high risk of COVID-19 for their age group (over 60), and they will be unable to work the 2020 polls.


Healthy people under 60 and especially those in your 20s, CALS is asking you to do something you’ve never done before.

Yes, it will be hard work, but you’ll have good, brave company for that long day.

Yes, there is still some risk, even for the healthy, and even for those in their 20s, but it is much, much less risk than for those in the high-risk groups. This is your moment to courageously step up to pinch hit for those less young and strong than you.

Despite the risk, our polls have to be open. This is a historic moment. People can’t vote unless the polls are staffed. If we don’t have enough workers, we will face the risk of a breakdown of our election system on Election Day, November 3.

Will you be a POLL CHAMP for 2020?

It may be the most important thing you ever do for your country.

If you are a registered voter in Pulaski County or can register (here at our libraries!), you can work the polls.

Be a hero who saves our election. Even if you are working, your boss may give you the time off if you explain the need.

What to Do:

The Commission will allow registered county voters to serve anywhere in Pulaski County.  You need to sign up sooner rather than later, as no one can train to work the polls after October 15, 2020. Sign up today!

After you submit your application, the Pulaski County Election Commission will contact you and get you assigned to training.  You will be paid a minimum of $140 for working election day and $25 for each training session you attend.  (You can also volunteer in lieu of receiving pay.)

Apply here to work the polls for Pulaski County. And pass it on to everyone you know, especially any healthy and fit person in their twenties who does not live with high-risk individuals. Share this post on your feeds!

The Central Arkansas Library System is a nonpartisan organization working to encourage full participation in the democratic process by all citizens, for the benefit of our nation and the people of Central Arkansas.