Devoted to the Curious

CALS Executive Director Nate CoulterOne of our patron families, the Tang family, recently explained how they raised their kids to encourage their curiosity. Every Saturday, Mom and Dad took the three boys to their CALS library, the Roosevelt Thompson branch. And no matter what books the boys picked out, even if the books were way beyond their current grade level, Dad and Mom said, “Ok, go ahead.” The boys had total freedom to follow where their curiosity led them, and all three boys ended up with a deep love of learning. Their natural childhood curiosity flourished and grew over the years, in part due to the freedom of choice they found here at the library.

At CALS, we believe in the transformative power of curiosity. We’re all born with a desire to know more, and that desire leads us to learn and to connect with other people. Our interests are wonderfully diverse, but curiosity is what sends each of us on our own journey of discovery. So if you’re curious about the galaxy, you can check out science books and free telescopes. If you want to know more about crafting or sewing or how to make the perfect cinnamon rolls, there are CALS groups to welcome curious crafters. And if you’re curious about what your community thinks about books or current events, we offer discussion groups and panels of all kinds.

As we support the power of curiosity to change lives, we are constantly expanding choices and opportunities for our patrons. At CALS, we are #DevotedtotheCurious.

Nate Coulter
Executive Director
Central Arkansas Library System