Capital Improvement

A capital improvement is the addition of a permanent structural change or the restoration of some aspect of a property that will either enhance the property’s overall value, prolongs its useful life, or adapt it to new uses. 

For CALS, additional funding will help us expand library services by: 

  • Adding a state-of-the-art bookmobile. CALS staff frequently visit schools, community centers, and rural areas where transportation and technology can be a barrier to accessing materials. This allows us to take our resources to them. 
  • Upgrading technology infrastructure including broadband internet services and other capabilities at library branches.  
  • Improving outdoor spaces to be more useful for patrons and overall more visually appealing.
  • Making needed interior renovations at the Main Library along with new children and teen areas and spaces to support early literacy.
  • Lowering shelving at several branch locations to allow more natural light within the main spaces. 
  • Supporting the Butler Center to offer more genealogy resources and technology tools so patrons can learn and preserve their individual family history.
  • Expanding the Community Resources area to better help our unsheltered patrons.
  • Potentially reworking the expansive basement area at Main Library to become more useful space for employees and patrons alike.