Barriers to capital cause for discussion

A recent study released about Arkansas small business owners and how they access capital to build and grow their businesses has raised some eyebrows and some questions. In a three-year study of small businesses, it was found that the barriers to capital for Arkansas business owners is a two-fold problem. Initially, women and minority business owners seek out loans at a lower rate than white male business owners. To further split these two groups, women and people of color  minority owners are then disproportionately rejected for the loans when that they do apply for. This forces them to turn to alternative means of funding their businesses, with many of them choosing to take on personal loans via credit card debt.  

Julia Chears-Young, Ph.D headshotOn March 25 at noon, Dr. Julia Chears-Young, principal researcher for the Small Business Access to Capital Study sponsored by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and Winrock International, will be discussing the findings of this report. Dr. Chears-Young is the owner and Principal Researcher of Precise Data Consulting, LLC. She has almost two decades of experience conducting field researcher for large assessment publishing companies like Pearson and Psychological Assessment Resources, where she participates in the data collection by administering tests to candidates to ensure the published assessments are demographically diverse and accurately represents the U.S. population. 

This discussion will be insightful for current and aspiring businessowners alike. Sign up for this free event and learn how to level the playing field when it comes to accessing capital for your business.