New Digital Studio Offers Resources for Entrepreneurs and Content Creators

Williams Library Opens Business and Technology Center

Our library system has just opened a new mini-studio filled with free equipment to help create content for today’s digital small businesses! The new Business and Technology Center at the Williams Library (1800 Chester St.) is an innovative workspace that enhances creativity for digital promotion, online sales, or even production of podcasts or videos.



Record any video…

for your online small business promotion by filming on your cell phone, tablet, or camera with access to free tripods, green screen, computers, and lighting.

Take pro-quality photos…

 of your crafts to sell online, with the help of a white backdrop on a table with spotlights to make your products shine.

Record a podcast…

 or other promotional audio with a Snowball microphone for clear, high-quality sound.

Start your own video blog or movie review show…

 when all you need are lights, tripods, and maybe a friend to help you film.


All of the above digital accessories are now available in the Business and Technology Center, which includes:

  • 2 Dell desktop computers with internet access (Chrome & Internet Explorer) and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher
  • 10 ft. adjustable green screen
  • White background product light table
  • Blue Snowball Ice microphone
  • High performance studio headphones
  • Adjustable photo studio lights with reflector and stand
  • Small 4 chair table for meetings
  • Small table for refreshments/workspace
  • Dry erase board
  • 2 height adjustable tri-pods (one for tablets & one for smart phones)
  • TV with HDMI connection

Support for teens and adults as entrepreneurs and creators

The center is open to teens and adults. The library branch manager, Latina Sheard, wants to help people of all ages explore their business talents.

“It’s going to be very beneficial for our patrons, and not just here at Williams, but for the whole library system,” Sheard said. “We’re removing barriers by providing technology that people can easily use, but can’t always buy or set up at home. Not many people invest in a green screen or a mike for podcasts, especially if they’re just starting their businesses. Through the new center, CALS can allow many people to share access and enhance their businesses with content creation.”

Sheard pointed to other activities for which people can reserve the business center. “Someone might want to come in and do their taxes online in a quiet place. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate at home, with all the distractions,” Sheard said. “I have a small business license, and one of the things I do is make t-shirts with a heat press. Sometimes I will come in to the business center and do the heat press on our work tables, just to get away from the home distractions!”

Reservations available three days a week, other days use first-come, first-served system

The Williams Library Business and Technology Center is available on a first-come, first-served basis Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:00 a.m.-5:45 p.m. Reservations for the Business & Technology Center may be made on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 10:00 a.m.-7:45 p.m. (5:45 p.m. on Saturday). Reservations are made in three-hour blocks. Reservations may be extended depending on the number of patrons waiting to use computers but will not go past library hours of operation.

For more information, contact Latina Sheard, branch manager, at or 501-376-4282.