What Are You Reading? Miss Fenix

Introducing Fenix, 4-and-a-half year-old patron at Children’s Library, who is going to give us her thoughts on books:

What did you read in that book you liked about foxes?

“Aww, look at these baby foxes—they are playing with their mom!”

“Ewww! The fox’s booty! That’s gross! I do not like that booty right here.”

“The mommy and the daddy spit their food out to the cubs. They throw up to give the food.”

“A long time ago at school I was a coyote because everyone in my class was a different animal and I was a coyote. I was a coyote in Nature School.”

How about this book on pandas?

“I know that pandas eat bamboo. I love pandas.”

(Points to the yellow-throated marten under panda predators) “This is too little to get a panda!” “They do not know where pandas live!”

What other kinds of books do you like?

“I got to pick out a book with lions and humans. I don’t know the humans’ names. The baby lions were cute, and one was pulling his dad’s hair.”

Do you come every time to cooking class here at the Children’s Library?

“Yes. But one time we went to Texas.”

Her mom tells me that Fenix did not like having to miss cooking class!

But today, Fenix was happy when her library cooking class made dill cucumber salad.