What are you reading, Jennifer Jamison?

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Jennifer Jamison. I am currently the Academy Coach at Jacksonville High. I came to the Education field 7 years ago after spending 11 years in Corporate America working in Human Resources. I am a part of an amazing blended family that includes my husband, Nate and our three daughters, Reagan, 19—a Junior at SMU, Morgan, 14 a Freshman at LR Central and Zoe, 12 a 6th grader at Park Magnet School.

What are you reading:

I am currently reading It’s the Little Things by Lena Williams. It is a book about the everyday interactions that anger, annoy and divide the races. It is a very candid and enlightening book about what blacks and whites say about each other, but not to each other. It is a very real and funny read so far.

What is your favorite memory of reading as a child?

As a child, I absolutely loved that if I was reading a book—there was never any time restraints placed on it by my parents. My parents had restrictions on everything–our TV time, our Nintendo time, our outside play time, but reading—I could read for hours with no restrictions or interruptions.

What was/is your favorite book for children? Why?

My favorite books for children is anything written by Judy Blume. She was my favorite author growing up. I believe most of her books are age appropriate and funny and each book almost always has some type of learning lesson within it.

If you have children, what are their favorite books, or what do you like reading to them?

When my girls were younger-they loved our nightly reading sessions—anything Dr. Seuss suited them just fine.

Do you have a literary unpopular opinion?

I may be the only person that thinks this but I have yet to see a movie based on a book and the movie was better than the book. The book or book series is always better than the movie.

Where is your favorite place to read?

My favorite place to read has to be poolside or beachside. The back patio in the early morning or early evening is a close second.

Book Hot Takes:

Physical/ digital/ or audio?

Physical—I love the way a book’s spine breaks and the way pages of brand new books smell.

Do you judge a book by its cover?

I do.

Read for business or pleasure?

Pleasure—I love romance books, books about situations that only people from Jerry Springer find themselves in-double lives, secret affairs, romance. I also like reading cultural books—especially those set in faraway places that I may never get to visit.

Why is being on the CALS Board important to you?

Being on the CALS Board will allow for me keep the art of reading and the importance that literacy plays in our community on the for front of personal conversations and local education decisions. Literacy is such an important aspect of the world we live in and the CALS board will always insure that our local libraries are safe havens for literacy education.