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Wild Fermentation: Sauerkraut

Are you curious about making your own probiotic-rich fermented foods, but aren't sure where to start? Sauerkraut is the perfect beginner ferment. It's quick and easy and you may already have the equipment required. Learn the basics of fermenting cabbage and sample a few versions. 

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At one with nature in the natural state

Why are Arkansas’s bears considered the most successful reintroduction of a large carnivore anywhere in the U.S.? Why are native gardens better for the environment than gardens full of non-natives? Why are trees, shrubs, and flowering plants better than turf grass lawns? How should you start a native garden? What do you need to know to germinate native seeds for your yard?

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Grow Your Garden with the CALS Seed Library

We’ve opened a new Seed Library at the CALS McMath branch library!

Now you can spend autumn dreaming up garden ideas as you look through our seed collection. You’ll be ready to start germinating those indoor seeds in January and February. The seed library features a cabinet supplied with envelopes full of seeds including:

Vegetables | Fruits | Herbs | Flowers

In addition,

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