Staff Picks: Susie Sward

I’m obsessed with the British TV series Humans. Set in a parallel present, the latest must-have gadget for every busy family is a “Synth” – a highly developed robotic servant. When the Synths gain consciousness and the ability to feel physical and emotional pain, humans are confronted with difficult ethical and legal questions. What does it mean to be human? How do we define the state of being human? This is a show that will appeal to fans of British TV, sci-fi enthusiasts, and anyone who wonders about the risks of pursuing conscious AI. CALS has the first 3 seasons available for checkout.                                                                                          -Susie Sward

Check out Humans is here.

Susie is the Assistant Branch Manager/Adult Programmer at Fletcher Library. She’s been with CALS for over six years. She wrote and self-published a novel (which CALS has in its Arkansas collection at the Roberts Library, and it’s a Staff Pick at Fletcher). She was an exchange student to Germany during her senior year in high school, and speaks German with near-native proficiency.