Staff Pick: Nathan James

Things to Do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park When You’re 29 and Unemployed  by Aneurin Wright

Most folks think of superheroes and fantastic tales when they think of graphic novels, but the graphic format is also used for non-fiction. This beautifully illustrated work falls into a category called Graphic Medicine, non-fiction graphic works where the topic is related to health or medical matters. Aneurin Wright recounts sharing his dying father’s last days in hospice. It touches on the terrible effects of emphysema,  the dignities and indignities of hospice care, and the reconciliation between a father and son in the twilight of the father’s life.  Be sure to have some tissue on hand for the powerful moment near the end of the book when Aneurin’s bold art suddenly changes to deliver a dramatic, heartfelt conclusion.

Review by Nathan James, Deputy Director of Technology and Collection Innovation. Nathan, book-lover, appreciates wine, chocolate, odd words, and the joy of good food with good company. He talks fast, moves fast, and never met a library he didn’t like. Endowed with infinite patience, he can teach anyone anything with enough time, but it never hurts to throw in wine, chocolate, or good food as an incentive.