Patrons Give Two Thumbs Up for Terror Tuesday: Where $2 Gets You the Best Movie Thrill in Town

We asked our patrons how they like Terror Tuesday films at this week’s screening of The Vampire Bat.

Survey says, two thumbs up!

Where else can you get two tickets, two hot dogs, a soda, popcorn and even a craft beer all for a total of $20?

That’s right, we said twenty bucks will buy you dinner and a movie for two. And in a really nice, classic, clean movie theater: the CALS Ron Robinson Theater, with its comfy red seats and a giant screen.



Jason, Shea, and Taylor first found out about Terror Tuesday classic horror films from a friend who liked the event page on Facebook. Now they are big fans of our CALS summer series.

Taylor said The House on Haunted Hill has been his favorite so far this summer. That film brought big laughs, screams, and even calls of “Don’t do it!” from the audience. Taylor also said, “I’m a huge Vincent Price fan. And I’m excited because The Vampire Bat is 1933, so it’s pre-Code.”




Young adult friends Jack, Emma, Lilly, Grace, and Madison all showed us their terror in this photo after the show. They particularly liked Hermann, the character in The Vampire Bat who is a few bricks shy of a full load. “I liked him creeping around,” Jack said with a grin.

Everybody liked Hermann, because it’s hard not to like a guy who keeps a bat in his coat pocket, coos to it, and strokes it. “They soft, like cat!” Hermann explains to skeptical onlookers. (The word is still out on how moviemakers got that bat to stay so still for the scene.)





Sarah said she just got back from her summer vacation and saw the movie event on Facebook. “I thought it had unexpected humor!” Jacob and Tammy agreed with her that it was a “fun old movie” and gave their allegiance to Hermann as well.

John and Caitlin had seen Metropolis earlier this summer, and agreed that The Vampire Bat was amusing, especially “the poison bottle.” (Let’s just say old movies have simpler murder techniques, which can really strike the funny bone for today’s audiences.)



Marcella and Ed came to see the film together, and said, “We loved The Skull last year! It’s something you wouldn’t normally get to see. Older films are odd, and you have to laugh at some of the things!”

They were probably talking about people slowly backing into acid baths, rickety skeletons, and classic lines worthy of the Simpsons cartoon, like “Vampires! Pariahs among fiends!”

Also, old time movie actors really know how to scream dramatically and “artistically,” which is an entire lost art of its own.

Half the fun of Terror Tuesday, though, can be audience participation. This week, everybody guffawed after one audience wisecracker audibly and villainously said “HEH HEH HEH,” after a good plot twist.

The last Terror Tuesday film of the summer will show Tuesday, July 31 at 6pm. Little Shop of Horrors, the classic with Jack Nicholson, is coming your way with a giant carnivorous plant.

Don’t miss your final chance at the best summer movie deal in town, with laughs for free! But the CALS Ron Robinson Theater has lots of cheap thrills and chills ahead this fall as well.

Stay tuned, movie fans…