National Library Workers Day

Happy National Library Workers Day! Today we honor and recognize the valuable contributions made by library workers of all kinds. You might think library workers just read all day. Most library workers do love to read, but there’s definitely more to the story! Each day, library workers help you find your next favorite book, help people use computers to find employment, help students find good and reliable information for their school projects, and help young readers and their parents develop a lifelong love of reading. Those are just the ones you see! Behind the scenes others work hard to make sure study rooms stay clean, drive the library’s delivery trucks, keep the library’s computers working properly, print posters to promote library events, fix damaged books, and get new books ready to put out on the shelf. All these different kinds of library workers are acting together each day to make sure library visitors get exceptional service and have a great experience.

More importantly, library workers are friends and neighbors. You might see them at PTA meetings, at church, at the theater, or out volunteering to help those in need, because library workers care about people and are part of the community.

So the next time you see a library worker, in the library or out in the world, say hello and tell them thanks for all they do! And when you hear someone say something about library workers you know isn’t true, you can set them straight because you know There’s More To The Story.