Getting Spicy at Ladies’ Salsa Night

A cheerful group of women listened to peppy salsa music while teacher Courtney Frazier Jones showed them how to put some extra style in their moves. It was salsa dance class—at the CALS Terry Library!

“Make it curvy as you bring that hip around!” Courtney said.

Everybody smiled a curvy kind of smile. The teacher’s energy was infectious as the music pulsed a good-time rhythm through the library meeting room. The floor was clear, and everything looked just like a regular adult dance class, but more sassy.

Red-haired Wendi called out, “What do you do once you get back here?

“You hit that wall again!” Courtney said. “123, Hit that wall! 123, Hit that wall!”

She kept the beat with flair and admired her students. “You guys, this is professional!”

Laughter rose, a little breathless.

“This is where you get dizzy,” Courtney said. “So you need to pick a spot on that wall and follow it.”

Another student piped up from the back, “Can you show us the complete move?”

Courtney jumped in. “Sure! 123, 567, 123, 56 spin it!”

A collective “ooh” rose from the class at the sight of the flashy moves in their full glory.

Courtney had a few more memorable tips as they continued to practice the new combo. “It’s cute to swing your hair, but not so much that your glasses fall off,” she said. “I learned that the hard way!”

She surveyed the class while still dancing vigorously. “Basically, if you’ve got a body part that you can wiggle, you should do it in salsa.” More laughter.

Class members were universally enthusiastic when the class finished.

Cindy appreciated the casual approach and the joy of just dancing. “It’s fun to do no matter how good or bad you are!”

Sudakshina found the class a welcome moment to have some personal fun. “We wanted to do something without the kids, so we started coming to this workshop with Ms. Courtney.”

Aparna liked the inclusive, positive atmosphere as well as the chance to learn for free.  “I’ve been wanting to learn salsa for a long time,” she said. “It’s free, and you don’t need any experience. And there’s no judgment.”

Wendi was learning for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, while Kelly stated what everybody had to be thinking about our fun and multitalented CALS staff member. “I think Courtney is really cool.”

New dance class for January 2020

Though the salsa series has ended, January will bring a new series for Scottish Country Dancing taught by Sandra Furrer, founding member of the Arkansas Scottish Dance Society. Attendees can learn the ballroom dance of Scotland and the forerunner of American Square Dance.  Come experience great exercise, lively music, and an appreciation of Scottish culture and heritage!

Classes will take place on January 8, 15, and 22 from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. For more information, call the Terry Library at (501) 228-0129.