Fine Limits Change May 1

Everything is going to be fine.

Early last Spring, we increased the fine limit to allow a bit of breathing room for our patrons as we all adjusted to a difficult time. But now, it’s time for all of us to begin the process of returning to normal, including reducing our fine limit to pre-pandemic amounts.

What does this mean? As of May 1, if you have fines that exceed this new limit, you can no longer check out books or media until you are within the $100 limit. If your account has gotten to be a bit much, we want to help; reach out to us and let us work with you.

We think of everyone who uses the library as part of the CALS community. By paying down your fines, it allows us to continue providing the variety of books and materials you love and have resources available for your friends and neighbors.

If you need assistance with your fines or have other questions, please call your local library or email