Dee Brown News

Regular hours of operation have resumed at Dee Brown Library. However, our air conditioning unit is not sufficiently operational and must be replaced.

CALS has installed a temporary, portable cooling system at Dee Brown which will allow us to continue to operate regular hours until the new AC unit is installed. Unfortunately, we are unable to supply air conditioning to the meeting room with the temporary system, so it will be unavailable until the new unit is operational. All other branch services will be offered.

We anticipate installation of the new AC unit will occur next week or the week of August 27. If the main building needs to be closed during installation, the MakerSpace at the back of the library will serve as our temporary operations center and will be accessible to the public via the boardwalk. This space is much smaller than the main building, but we will operate normal hours and offer the following services:

  • Laptop computer lab. We won’t have as many computers as we have in the main building but will offer access using laptops while in the temporary operations center.
  • Staff-mediated printing. Staff will collect your printouts for you from the main building.
  • Holds pickup
  • Check-in of materials
  • Payment of fines/fees and payment for print jobs
  • A small selection of popular materials for checkout
  • Backpack food program

If there are any changes to what’s listed above, we’ll post updates on the website and social media.