Craig O’Neill Brings Belly Laughs for Your Kids—and You Too

It’s not easy to get 6th graders to laugh as hard as preschoolers at the same funny children’s show.

Craig O’Neill of TV’s Channel 11 pulls it off as the ringleader of a rockin’ good time called “Libraries Rock Paper Scissors.”

Meanwhile, he’s also sneakily luring young people to love books as part of the CALS “Libraries Rock” Summer Reading Club. The kids will never even know all this fun and mischief is educational.

The reading-based comedy show is one of ten free shows and attractions touring around the fourteen branches of the CALS library system, all summer long.

Top-notch comedy and interactive fun with kids

At his first show, O’Neill’s sharp improv talents, developed by decades in the broadcasting industry, had parents laughing as hard as their children. With a charismatic blend of Patrick Stewart’s booming voice and Jim Carrey’s comedy, O’Neill proved his genius for getting kids of all ages to participate, laugh, and revel in a good book.

O’Neill played tug-of-war with the kids like they were already best friends. He capered like a Ninja Turtle, donned Thor wigs, and mock-sobbed at his failed wizardry, so there was not a dull moment while he was in the room. And somehow, he managed to read a funny picture book and still make it cool enough for preteen boys.

Kids review the show

Jacob, 12, enjoyed the banter so much that he gave the whole show a big thumbs up, saying it was all funny. Ben, 10, said his favorite part was the costumes.

“I liked when I beat him at “Rock, Paper, Scissors!” said curly-haired Philip, grinning with a kindergartener’s glee at the memory of O’Neill’s groans of defeat.  Even a toddler in the audience had no trouble talking to the funny man who kept asking questions.

Upcoming shows

O’Neill will perform ten more times at various branches this summer, including the Rooker Library on June 25 at 10:30 am and the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library on June 26th at 10 am. Stop by any CALS branch to pick up a programming guide, or see the downloadable schedule at