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Podcast: Rex & Paul Review the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame Awards

This time on Chewing the Fat, Rex and Paul chew the fat on the morning after the third annual Arkansas Food Hall of Fame induction event. They carry on about how hard it is to be on the selection committee and all the wonderful food they get to eat and nice people they get to meet and try to make people feel sorry for them,

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Podcast: Rex and Paul Go on a Western Arkansas Sojourn

Rex and Paul chew the fat about their sojourn in western Arkansas (part one), starting at Texarkana and heading north. And admiring four beautiful lakes, checking out the museum at Ashdown, pondering the origins of the name De Queen and admiring cool things going on there, humoring Rex’s sore feelings about a football state championship of long ago,

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New Podcast Episode from Rex Nelson & Paul Austin

In the latest episode of Chewing the Fat, Rex and Paul offer end-of-summer musings, describe their recent farm-to-table expeditions, and discuss Paul’s award-winning pig from 4H days. Rex utters the oddest statement in the history of this podcast in reference to eating, “We had had enough,” as the boys celebrate dining experiences at Greers Ferry Lake,

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