Bring on the Binge (Box, that is)!

Some weekends you just know that you want to spend it on the couch, binging something, moving only to refill your snacks or to change from comfy clothes into comfier clothes. When you’ve run through everything new on the streaming services, that’s where the Binge Box comes in. CALS has a selection of pre-chosen movies that will get you through even the longest weekend. Choose from fun themes like Rom-com, Holidays and family fun. But here’s the thing, you might not know this, but librarians are hilarious. There are additional themed boxes (including but not limited to), “Blonde, but not clueless,” “Baked Goods: A Bunch of Stoner Comedies,” “Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake,” “Don’t Judge a Book by its Movie,” “Movies that began as video games,” and “The future as seen by the 70s.” Then you have those classics like “Man’s Best Friend,” “Buddy Cop Box,” “The Mummy: The Ultimate Collection,” and even “The fathers of science fiction : H. G. Wells vs. Jules Verne.”

Binge Box 21Binge Box 16

The big news is that you can now hold a binge box, have it transferred to another branch, as well as be able to check out 2 Binge Boxes at the same time! Go slip into your soft pants and grab some popcorn because we have your weekend planned.

Find the full list of binge boxes here.