Book donations have moved, but that’s good news!

Way back in 2019, (does anyone even remember that time anymore?) CALS accepted book donations at all of the branches. Due to the pandemic, we stopped accepting donations at all. And when we started taking them again, we were only accepting donations at Main Library since the used book sale takes place in the Main Library basement. But now, as we get closer and closer to closing Main for renovations, we find the need to adjust our book donation policy once again.

While the Friends of CALS Used Book Sale will continue during the renovation, it will no longer take place in the Main Library basement; the sale will be moved to the Port Industrial Hub, 7773 Sloane Dr., where CALS administration will have offices (details on the fall sale will come soon, but we plan to begin November 2023). And while we do expect you to come visit us out there for the sales, we don’t expect you to come out there to make your donations.

Starting now, CALS will be accepting donations at ALL BRANCH LOCATIONS, excluding: Main, Williams, and Roberts (where Mini Main will be housed during the renovation). Both Main and Williams will be closed for renovations and will not have staff present to take donations, and we’re already squeezing a lot of services into Roberts and we will not be able to accommodate donations there. The good news is that we have 12 other locations where you can take your books.

Things to remember:

  • Only drop off books during business hours for that branch; please don’t leave books while branches are closed.
    • Boxed and Sealed
    • Not over 50 pounds
    • No more than 10 boxes per person, per day.
  • We do not accept:
    • Reader’s Digest
    • VHS
    • Magazines
    • Cassette Tapes
    • National Geographic
    • Reference Books (Condensed Volumes)
    • Medical Journals (over 5 years)
    • Computer Software, Coding Books