31 Days of CALS: Tool Library

Need to find a giant mallet to use just once for a fence you’re putting in at home? How about some wire cutters or a voltage meter? Whether you need to do some painting, drywalling or those bushes need pruning, you can find the tools to do it at the new CALS tool lending library. You can even use a machine to read your car’s engine codes!

Located at the CALS Dee Brown Library in Little Rock, the tool library allows any card-holding CALS patron 18 and older to check out up to 5 tools at a time, or 3 power tools. The library already holds a wide variety of tools, including rakes, shovels, a pole saw, drills, hammers, trowels, dropcloths, wrenches, car repair gadgets, and safety gear of all kinds. More tools will be entering the catalog soon, including large lawn care power tools.

The tool library also includes a bike repair station outdoors that is accessible at all hours. Books on repairs of all kinds are also part of the tool library and can be checked out to help with projects.

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31 Days of CALS

Over the 31 days of December we’re looking back at whatever this year was, the ways we and other libraries have adapted during the pandemic, the things we’ve always loved about libraries, and some of the new things we look forward to sharing with you more in 2021.