31 Days of CALS: Notary Service

Despite the increasing ubiquity of virtual and digital experiences, one thing we all have to do from time to time is verify our identity in person, with a signature. CALS provides free notary service for library users, and most branches have at least one notary on staff. While we strive to provide notary service at all times, we do not guarantee notary availability. Please call the branch you wish to visit to confirm a notary will be available when you arrive.

CALS notaries notarize signatures on forms, oaths, acknowledgements, and affidavits, and similar documents.

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31 Days of CALS

Over the 31 days of December we’re looking back at whatever this year was, the ways we and other libraries have adapted during the pandemic, the things we’ve always loved about libraries, and some of the new things we look forward to sharing with you more in 2021.