31 Days of CALS: Curbside Service

Perhaps the biggest addition to our list of services this year has been our Curbside Service program. If you put items on hold before the library closes, you can pick them up! Or, you can call or email the branch library to ask for “concierge service,” which means that the library will check for you to see if the item you want is available, then put it on hold for you. You then drive to that library branch and call the phone number on the sign outside. A few minutes later, the library elves will tell you that your materials are waiting for you. You walk down the sidewalk and poof! Your books or DVDS will have magically appeared in front of the library.

31 Days of CALS

Over the 31 days of December we’re looking back at whatever this year was, the ways we and other libraries have adapted during the pandemic, the things we’ve always loved about libraries, and some of the new things we look forward to sharing with you more in 2021.