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Introducing Freegal Music+

Freegal has launched a new platform, Freegal Music+. Transforming Freegal Music into a state of the art streaming platform and app. We all enjoy music through our phones, Bluetooth speakers, car, or computers. Now with over 18 million songs from 200+ genres, including today’s top music. Read here to find out all the music options CALS has to offer.

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Free up some cash with Freegal

There is not a shortage of streaming music services, but free services that also include downloads that you can keep? Tell me more.

With your CALS card, you get a number of digital services like e-books, audio books, podcasts, and even magazines. But with Freegal, you also have access to music. Patrons can stream unlimited music as well as download up to 5 songs each week and keep those MP3 files forever.

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