September 19 is Voter Registration Day!

Before you get out to rock the vote, you have to be registered to vote! Many CALS branches are voting locations, so hopefully you already think of us when you think of your civic duties, and now we’re here to help you become a registered voter. You can pick up a voter registration any time at your most convenient library branch, but there is one day per year dedicated to registering to vote. Not sure if you’re able to register to vote? Check out the requirements here.

Reasons why you should be a registered voter:

  • Elections effect more than just “who is in charge,” residents are asked to vote on taxes and millages on both the state and local level. That’s your money, speak up (by voting) about what you think should be done with it.
  • Not everyone has a voice to vote (kids and animals to name a few), help those who can’t help themselves, it’s your civic duty.
  • It’s your right. In the United States, no one is required by law to vote in any local, state, or presidential election.
  • This one is a bit shocking, being a registered voter positively affects your credit score.
  • Arkansas has the lowest voter turnout of any state at the moment. Only 54% of eligible voting age population showed up for the 2020 elections.
  • And finally, if you don’t like how something is being done, vote for change! The only people who get a say are those who vote. It’s easy to say “well, I’m not political, I don’t want to get involved.” But, these votes (and the effects of them) will happen, with our without you.

Remember that Main Library is closed for the renovation, if you come downtown to register, please go to Roberts Library where you will find “Mini Main.”