Overdrive is now Libby

If you download ebooks or audiobooks, you’re probably already familiar with Overdrive and Libby. Overdrive is the parent company for Libby. The OverDrive app for iOS, Android, and Windows 8/10 will be sunset on May 1, 2023. After that date, users who try to access the CALS collection in the app will receive a message informing them they need to upgrade to Libby. You can download the Libby app here. And check out all of our apps here.
If you feel you need additional help, you can choose from an in person event at Main or a virtual event:
Link to the help session (Friday, May 5, 10am-noon): https://cals.org/event/libby-help
Link to the virtual demo (Thursday, May 18, 1-2pm): https://cals.org/event/getting-started-with-libby
Additionally, the Recommend to Library (RTL) feature will also be discontinued across all platforms on May 1. Users will still be able to access their historical recommendations from the “Recommendations” page under the Account section of your library’s OverDrive website. If you are unfamiliar with this feature; this allowed readers to do two things: recommend a title be added to the collection, while also being placed on the wait list for the item once it was added. Now, you can still request an item, but you will no longer automatically be added to the list. Within the deep search there is the option to “Notify me” if and when an item is added to the collection. Upon notification, you can then place the item on hold when it works best for your schedule.