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Pool Side Reads

One of the great pleasures of summer is lounging on the beach or a pool deck and reading a good book. But what to read? The staff at Fletcher Library has some suggestions. Today’s theme: the morning swim with coffee.

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Volcanic Reading for the Long, Hot Summer

This year, volcanoes have simmered in Hawaii and erupted in Guatemala, at great human cost.  After tragedy, we have questions that are scientific, mythical, and personal. How well can scientists predict when lava will flow and ash rain from the sky? How do human beings live with the constant threat that the earth will crack […]

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Books to Film

It’s cliché because it’s true: the book really is better than the movie. Before the upcoming movies based on these books debut, check out the source material used by the filmmakers.

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Crafty Adults and Teens Find Creative Community in Summer Gatherings

Our libraries offer a warm welcome and free crafting sessions for adults and teens!  Time to get together for some funky, original arts and crafts projects that will take you straight to your happy creative place. Makers have a chance to unleash paints, markers, clay, and more in workshops across all library branches through June, […]

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Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra Rocks the House with Interactive Music

Talented young musicians are inspiring kids throughout the library system with live music as well as a chance to put hands on musical instruments and even play the violin. This free interactive music lesson with members of the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra will take place throughout June and July at many branches of the Central […]

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Craig O’Neill Brings Belly Laughs for Your Kids—and You Too

It’s not easy to get 6th graders to laugh as hard as preschoolers at the same funny children’s show. Craig O’Neill of TV’s Channel 11 pulls it off as the ringleader of a rockin’ good time called “Libraries Rock Paper Scissors.” Meanwhile, he’s also sneakily luring young people to love books as part of the […]

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Give Us Your Feedback

Our ambition at CALS has been to make the new among the best library websites in the country. While we hope the new site is easier to use and more enjoyable to browse, we know that any website requires constant improvement and care.  So, if you’ve got a question, comment, or concern about the new […]

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CALS web site navigation and menu help

There are two ways to find things on the web site: navigating using menus and searching. This post covers how to use the menus and what type of content you will find on each menu, and touches on searching at the very end. If you have ideas on how to make our menus or […]

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