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What Are You Reading? Jerry Adams

I’m President/CEO of the Arkansas Research Alliance (ARA), an 11-year-old economic development non-profit that helps our five research universities recruit, retain and recognize strategic research leaders.

Prior to ARA, I spent 34 years at Acxiom as part of the early founding group. I’ve lived in central Arkansas for the past 46 years. 

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Nexus Nook to Host Photography, Networking Events

Got a DSLR camera and don’t quite know how to use it? On October 17, the Nexus Nook coffee space at the CALS Main Library will host a special introductory workshop called “Off-Auto: How to Get the Most Out of that Nice DSLR Camera,” led by photographer Jeremiah Holman.

The workshop fee of $25 will include instruction,

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What Are You Reading? Ben Goodwin

I’m the Executive Director of Our House, a comprehensive program for homeless and near-homeless families and individuals. I am from central Arkansas and have lived in Little Rock for most of the last 16 years.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m reading Surface Detail,

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New Partnership Provides Hygiene Supplies for Women in Need

October brings the kickoff of a promising new partnership to make sanitary supplies available to homeless women and others in need.

CALS is teaming up with Arkansas Women’s Outreach to start the program with an Oscar-winning short film (Period. End of Sentence) and a panel discussion on Monday, October 7 at 7:00 p.m.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Returns!

Come rock out to this beloved cult classic and audience interactive favorite!

It was 1975 when Brad and Janet first got lost in a storm and ended up at the haunted mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (played with glee by a cross-dressing Tim Curry). Ever since, audiences have been singing and dancing through the haunted house with the cast in their offbeat coming-of-age story.

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Publishers Are Changing E-Book Access for Libraries

It was a dark and stormy morning…

You run to your car through the rain to start your drive to work and open your favorite e-audiobook app for some rush-hour listening. To your dismay, the audiobook you purchased has vanished from your library. After dinner, the rain still falls as you settle into your favorite chair with a cup of tea to finish the thrilling ebook you bought last week,

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Get Your Goat On!

CALS Milam Library Celebrates Goat Fest with Perryville

On Saturday, October 5, the town of Perryville will host the wildly popular Goat Fest, an event that annually brings thousands of visitors to enjoy goats in costume, parades, goat theater, goat yoga, demonstrations, and vendors selling whimsical products such as goat’s milk soap bedecked with horns.

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CALS Staff Picks: Pam Rudkin

I’m an avid book downloader. Often my reading time is in the dark in bed with my iPad, so downloading a book from Overdrive or Libby, even at midnight, is very appealing to me. Most recently I’ve been reading The Farm by Joanne Ramos as well as a diet book called Dr.

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