Stacey Mei Yan Fong 50 Pies, 50 States

About the author:

Stacey Mei Yan Fong is a home baker living in Brooklyn, New York. She was born in Singapore, lived in Indonesia, grew up in Hong Kong, and moved to the States to pursue a degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She spent a decade designing in the fashion industry, and during that time she launched her “50 Pies, 50 States” project, which led to her slinging pies at Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop. Her pies have been featured by CBS Sunday Morning, NPR, Eater, and beyond.

About the book:

Each pie in 50 Pies, 50 States: An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the United States through Pie is an impressive, whimsical tribute that encapsulates a state’s unique flavors and honors its culture. With recipes organized like the all-American road trip we’ve all wanted to complete, this book is a journey through the wonders of pie for bakers of all skill levels—and the story of one extraordinary woman who chose to make this place her home.