Ben Purkert The Men Can’t Be Saved

About the author:

Ben Purkert is the author of the poetry collectionFor the Love of Endings. His work appears intheNew Yorker, theNation, and theKenyon Review, amongothers. He is the founder of BackDraft, a Guernica interview series focused on revision and the creative process. He holdsdegrees from Harvard and New York University, and he currently teaches at Rutgers.

About the book:

The Men Can’t Be Savedis a knockout debut novel that tackles a haunting question: What doour jobs do to our souls? Seth is a junior copywriter whose latest tagline just went viral. Butwhile he’s busy drooling over his future corner office, the walls crumble around him. He tries todiscover his spiritual self by day, while popping illegal prescription pills by night and strayingfarther from salvation—though he might get there, if he could only get out of his own way. Thebook is a startlingly original examination of work, sex, addiction, religion, branding, andourselves.



Six Bridges Book Festival: Hilary Leichter & Ben Purkert

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Ben Purkert’s debut novel The Men Can’t Be Saved tackles a haunting question: What do our jobs do to our souls?

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