Chris Cillizza Power Players: Sports, Politics, and the American Presidency

About the author:

Chris Cillizza spent four years as an editor at large at CNN. While there, he built a brand called The Point, which included articles, YouTube videos, and a podcast. He also regularly appeared as a political analyst on CNN’s airwaves. Prior to his time at CNN, Cillizza worked for a decade at the Washington Post, where he founded the political blog The Fix and built a reputation as the source for fast, incisive analysis of the day’s events. He was also a frequent TV guest, appearing as an MSNBC political contributor for eight years. A graduate of Georgetown University, he lives in Virginia with his wife and two sons and is a die-hard Hoyas basketball fan.

About the book:

Power Players: Sports, Politics, and the American Presidency tells all the great stories of presidents and the sports they played, loved, and spectated. While every modern president has used sports to relate to Joe Q. Public, Power Players turns the lens around to examine how sports have shaped our presidents and made for some amazing moments in White House history.

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